Since 1999, Choice has been exclusively representing multifamily community owners to secure the services their residents prefer while discovering new revenue. To help maximize the value of your assets, we negotiate service contracts with national and regional telecommunication vendors. We find the best value, simplify multiple offers, leverage the best contract terms to improve revenue and provide residents with access to quality internet and cable services.

Choice secures the best vendor contract terms nationwide for our clients’ multifamily portfolios. We help owners and managers retain residents by keeping them connected with the latest services, fastest internet speeds and a selection of telecommunication providers. With an average of 25 years of professional experience, our team is seasoned in analyzing, negotiating and managing the most advantageous vendor contracts for your properties. With a 90 percent client renewal rate, our telecommunication solutions speak for themselves.

Choice maximizes opportunities by centralizing your entire portfolio. We skillfully analyze the digital services required for each of your properties. In consolidating your portfolio, we increase your buying power and pursue all opportunities. By understanding the latest technologies, the myriad of regulations and asking vendors the right questions, Choice ensures that your residents receive the best services and that your properties are positioned for the future.

Teaming with Choice gives you time to focus on the management of your communities. With a fulltime dedicated staff and customized customer service, Choice educates and supports your property management team. Your team can confidently provide this same level of service within your communities, ensuring that residents’ digital needs are met and even helping to increase rental occupancy.