Better Contract Terms for You

Managing vendor service contracts for your portfolio of multifamily communities is complex. Changes in property ownership, provider changes, service upgrades, contract rights and resident preferences can make this daunting and time-consuming. Choice Property Resources will simplify this process and turn this monumental challenge into a continual stream of revenue for you. As a trusted advisor, Choice has negotiated, implemented and managed thousands of vendor contracts for over 20 years. Although we have strong, long-term relationships with the vendors, Choice exclusively represents properties and their owners. We have profitably negotiated thousands of vendor service contracts and our recommendations are always based on the best contract terms for you and your assets.

Improved Services for your Residents

Satisfaction helps you attract and retain residents. Because Choice stays on top of telecom technology and the latest services throughout the U.S., we bring the most advantageous vendor offers to each of your properties. Choice will improve your service contracts with judicious negotiations so vendor contracts address terms such as upgrades throughout the duration of the contract. Offering a variety of service providers in your multifamily communities helps your residents select the vendor services that best meet their needs and preferences.

Choice will help you navigate this process to ensure vendor variety without creating challenging management problems or unintended consequences. Today, residents demand high-speed internet and cable services that some older wiring may not be capable of delivering. While negotiating contracts, Choice works with the vendors to address wiring in your properties so residents can enjoy faster internet with higher reliability and fewer outages. Generating more than $50 million in discovered revenue for our multifamily property owners, Choice’s negotiating results speak for themselves. Prior to working with Choice, many of our owners were not aware that a significant revenue stream was available through experienced and savvy vendor service negotiation. Some clients had attempted contract negotiations themselves and experienced unfortunate consequences.

With Choice negotiating and managing their contracts, our satisfied owners experience gains, some over $1 million in net revenue, over the life of the vendor contracts. Over 90 percent of our clients have retained Choice to continue negotiating their contracts as their terms end.

Our Opportunity Review

How do you determine if Choice can bring these proven results to your portfolio? All you need to get started is a current list of properties and addresses in your portfolio. Choice does all the research and analysis with the service vendors then presents the resulting opportunities and best recommendations. Property by property, you make the final decisions. Per your decisions, Choice facilitates contract execution, and then continues to manage your vendor services. We constantly monitor your portfolio, examining it for new opportunities and implementing improvements through the life of the contracts. Do you have a vendor issue to resolve on one of your properties? Don’t wait until your issue becomes a crisis. Get started today by calling Choice so we can turn vendor service negotiations and contracts into a discovery of new revenue for your properties.