Do You Have What You Need Today?

Do your properties have too many phone lines? Not enough? Is the internet in your leasing office reliable? Do you have the correct services for alarm systems, elevators and other life/safety needs?

Effective Connectivity

Effective and efficient connectivity and communications is critical to any business, including multifamily where there is a wide range of needs at multiple locations. In this space, Choice is focused on making sure you have the correct services at the right costs. This is done through the negotiation and management of a wide variety of telecom and data services with the potential to generate significant cost savings, while ensuring the latest in component technology and quality.

Leasing Offices

Business / Enterprise Services for leasing offices and other non-residential settings include internet connectivity for offices, static IPs as needed, expanded bandwidth for Wi-Fi networks, and telephone lines and systems. Fire / elevator and life safety phone lines are reviewed, along with cable video services utilized in public or commercial venues, smart devices and building control systems, Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wider Area Networks (WANs).

A Better Way to Manage Your Telecom Services

Choice negotiates and manages your property’s business services through a comprehensive review of a client’s existing services and contracts, aggregating volume for maximum efficiency and identifying where clients can upgrade to new and improved technologies. We analyze your needs and services to match the specifics of each site, identify opportunities for cost reduction and source competitive proposals for right-sized telecom services. Be sure to stay on top of your telecom services by having a conversation with Choice about your business class services.

Business Enterprise Services