Want to improve the laundry services for your residents? Enjoy benefits that favor property owners like new, well-maintained energy efficient equipment and improved contract terms. All at no cost to you.

Let Us Sort It Out For You

Are your laundry margins too insignificant to consider analyzing? Often, we are told that on-site facilities do not generate enough revenue to warrant an outside contract consultation. Choice offers a free assessment of your current laundry contracts, equipment and specific property needs allowing you to concentrate on higher priorities.

A Busy Laundry Facility Increases Revenue

Residents want convenience and updated, well-maintained equipment and laundry facilities. Improved conditions and modern technologies will encourage residents to choose on-site facilities. This results in a busy laundry room and higher ROI. Resident satisfaction leads to resident retention which also improves your ROI.

There Is A Better Way To Manage Your Laundry Contracts

Well-managed laundry equipment and facilities are possible when you have an experienced partner negotiate your contracts. Choice leverages options into your contracts to ensure that laundry is producing a higher ROI. Options are continually monitored like fluctuations in utility costs, property goals and contract expirations. Want to see how your laundry facilities can produce positive results? Call Choice today to discuss an Opportunity Review of your laundry contracts.

Laundry Service Contracts

Learn how you can improve your laundry contracts.

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