Telecom Solutions for Your Multifamily Properties

Evaluate Every Property

Each property within your portfolio presents a unique set of circumstances and opportunities. For the best telecommunication solutions, Choice Property Resources analyzes each of your properties. Discovering these solutions maximizes the opportunities and ROI of your entire portfolio.

Meet Your Residents’ Needs

What type of residents do you want to attract to your property? What kind of telecom services are vendors providing in the area? Is there competition between these vendors? When determining the best telecom solution for your property, consider the demographics of the resident types you are targeting. Your portfolio may include market rate, affordable, senior and student housing. Each telecom solution must fit your resident’s lifestyle and digital requirements. Your senior properties may not need the fastest gigabyte speeds, for example. Student and Millennial properties, however, expect these types of telecom services.

Research Telecom Vendors and Services

Telecom vendors and services differ from property to property. On some properties, you many have access to all major telecommunication vendors. While on other properties, there may be only one vendor available. In each market, telecom vendors and services vary and change during the life of your contract. Choice identifies and negotiates for the best telecom programs on each property. We review and manage your contracts and alert you about potential upgrades or service changes. This allows you to capitalize on opportunities as they become available. All without investing your time or your staff’s time.

What Type of Telecom Contracts Do You Have?

Maximizing your telecom contracts as your portfolio changes also presents a challenge. With Choice as your advisor, we discover telecom opportunities for your new properties. Often we find that a new property has faulty or outdated infrastructure, new services have become available or pre-existing telecom contracts are in place. During a portfolio analysis, Choice uncovers many telecom opportunities. We share our discoveries and advise you on the best solutions for your portfolio. You determine the type of contract you want – property by property. On your behalf, we negotiate with the telecom vendors and execute a contract. Once the contract is in place, we track and manage your account through the life of the contract. Let us help you discover your telecom opportunities as we have done for all of our satisfied clients. Contact Choice to learn about our evaluation.