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What is Broadband? Do my residents need Fiber or 1 Gig Internet services? Today residents require fast, reliable connectivity for work, school, entertainment and essential services. When considering an apartment community, prospective residents increasingly want to know which vendors and internet speeds are available. Staying competitive with large third-party service vendors like cable and phone companies is crucial when maximizing the value of your portfolio.


What services are my residents buying today? Are residents really abandoning traditional ‘cable TV’ for streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video?


Where does Wi-Fi fit into my properties’ services? Is internet over cell towers the same as Wi-Fi? If we offer property-wide internet, what technology is best? As the availability and methods of wireless internet continue to expand nationwide, you can count on Choice for reliable industry advice about how to best meet the needs of your residents. We help you navigate these options from common area Wi-Fi to individual apartment wireless to property-wide Wi-Fi. Choice offers industry insight and advice to help you decide which service makes the most sense often based on the knowledge of options that are available in each of the property areas. We continuously research provider services and evolving technologies to save you time and allow you to focus on your highest management priorities.


How many of my residents purchase landline phone services? Isn’t it all cellular now? How important is wired phone service in “Triple Play” packages to my residents? Choice Property Resources studies and tracks residents’ trends and the services they purchase. Let us provide guidance so you can offer the vendor services that residents prefer today in this ever-changing technical environment so you can stay competitive and maximize your revenue.

Fiber Optics & “Gigabit Internet” Meet Multifamily Housing

What is gigabit internet and is it different from fiber to the premises (FTTP)? Is everything becoming wireless? What type of broadband services do prospective residents expect and how do I inform them about what is available on the property? How connected are my residents to the Internet-of-Things (IoT)? These are questions that most multifamily owners face as telecommunications providers build fiber optic networks with fiber lines physically extending closer to end users, including your residents.

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