Our Long-Term Vision

Choice has been exclusively representing property owners in thousands of service vendor negotiations for over 20 years. With Choice, you aren’t buying a commodity, you are engaging a professional staff with industry knowledge and insights. In fact, many of our clients consider us friends and trusted advisors.

We have a long-term vision for your multifamily portfolio and want you to get the most from each of your properties. Once the contract has been executed, Choice continues to search for additional industry opportunities. We inform you when new services or better technology become available through the duration of the contract. This enables you to competitively market and manage the ancillary amenities like high speed internet and Wi-Fi that your residents demand.

Choice also efficiently collects and monitors the revenue stream to ensure that vendor payments continue throughout the terms of your contracts. This alleviates your burden, saves you time and allows you to focus on current and future business objectives.

You Are Our First Priority

As your trusted advisor, Choice is committed to maximizing service opportunities, revenue and contract terms for your entire portfolio. While our national and regional vendor relationships are important, we exclusively represent you and negotiate on your behalf – always. Our Opportunity Review analyzes your multifamily portfolio to discover the maximum opportunities available to keep your residents connected and satisfied. Call today to discuss how to get started.