Asherton of Dublin – Dublin, OH

With clients’ properties in all 50 states, Choice has over 20 years of experience exclusively representing a large range of multifamily owners, managers and developers in telecommunication service contract negotiations and management. Our team of professionals will provide you with industry insight, advice and technical knowledge for market rate and affordable communities.

Existing Properties

How frequently do you review your properties’ telecommunications contracts? Are there opportunities to increase revenue and improve vendor services for residents? Which properties have a selection of providers for “Triple Play” services?

Existing properties represent the majority of the market of multifamily portfolios. Owners sometimes inadvertently believe that there are neither active vendor contracts nor opportunities for new contracts for a property. Choice can research the property history regarding vendor contracts then analyze your portfolio, property by property, to discover new revenue and opportunities to maximize the value of your assets. With Choice as your trusted advisor, you can stay competitive with other properties and offer the vendor services that your residents demand. Best of all, Choice works on pay-for-performance and is compensated when revenue or savings are received.

Development & New Construction

Who determines the best vendor services with the latest technologies for your newest assets? Is low-voltage wiring a secondary consideration to other development needs? How do you make decisions now to avoid unintended consequences during construction and operation of your properties?

Choice provides your team with the guidance necessary to feel confident in the vendors and services that will be available to your future residents while allowing you to stay focused on other priorities. With experience with tens of thousands of new construction units, Choice will provide you with the direction you need so you can make the best decisions for the current environment as well as for the future.

Market Rate & Affordable

Do you have market rate communities, affordable communities or both? Do your communities have a range of demographics? Do you have communities in many geographic markets involving different telecommunications providers?

Not all properties and residents are the same. Neither are all clients. Working with for-profit, nonprofit and institutional clients since 1999, Choice is adept at providing customized service contract solutions to help meet your business goals. Our full-time staff is dedicated to discovering new revenue and vendor service opportunities to increase the value of your assets.

Condominiums & Community Associations

What rights do condominium properties have with respect to vendors accessing your property? Who owns the wiring in shared walls? What if there are private easements in place with no public right-of-way? Did the developer put a telecommunication contract(s) in place?

Working with community association boards, Choice understands the unique needs of condominium property owners. Our team has years of experience providing volunteer board members with industry advice to ensure that residents have the best vendor services available.