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Your Vendor Contracts Are Our Priority

Often vendor contract negotiations become a secondary priority in the multifamily business. Choice brings you the expertise of a full staff of professionals who are committed to providing residents with the services they need for their digital life and minimizing demands of your time. We combine the artful skill of discovering a new stream of revenue for your multifamily properties with providing all the conveniences your residents want.

Our Proven Process

We start by analyzing your entire portfolio of properties then requesting competitive proposals from vendors. As your trusted advisor, Choice determines the most favorable deals, brings you sound recommendations, facilitates the execution of these contracts and implements the programs.

The Full Service Difference

Throughout the duration of your contract, Choice continues to bring value to you and your multifamily communities. By building savvy flexibility into contracts, you can avoid unintended consequences and get the most out of vendor services. Choice continuously searches for opportunities for each of your properties so you can provide your residents with the latest upgrades and services when they become available.

Do you have nagging vendor issues that are never resolved? For the duration of your contract, Choice works with the service vendors to ensure that these problems are settled to your satisfaction. No longer will you have to contend with wiring disputes or substandard services. Choice is here to help you understand your rights and options. Resident satisfaction, skillful vendor contract negotiation, efficient management and a continuous stream of revenue are assured when you make the right choice.

What Services Are Most Important to Your Residents?

Today, fast and reliable internet, cable packages, Wi-Fi and landline options are among the top criteria as residents shop for an apartment. Choice Property Resources negotiates the best vendor contracts so you can provide all the latest services your residents need to stay connected. Skillfully negotiated and managed vendor contracts ensure that a high level of services and performance will be available to attract and retain your residents. Broadband and other consumable services like coin laundry and beverage vending are also important community amenities. Choice helps you stay competitive in the marketplace by structuring your contracts to include these ancillary services.

Are you missing opportunities that will benefit your multifamily properties? Call Choice today for a discussion about your portfolio.